We are happy to announce that "An Ideal Man" has been programed at Gen Con Indy 2014's film festival.

It will run in the shorts program.

Thanks to Gen Con!

We are excited to share the screen with our filmmaker friend Elliot Diviney who will screen his feature film "Potpourri" in the feature program.
For more info on "Potpourri" visit HERE.

At the end of April we submitted "Geeky Pheebs: An Ideal Man" to its first film festival. We used Without a Box a service through IMDB. We submitted to GenCon in the 'Shorts' category.

We thought GenCon would be a good place to start as it is the largest general gaming convention in country seeing over 40,000 people each year.

It would be a grand place for our film to make its world premier and hopefully expose us to a large new audience that may be interested in the entire transmedia tale.

For more info on GenCon in visit HERE.