In November of 2014, Ruth and I discussed starting a blog for the character of Phoebe. By mid-December, we had it up and running. Now, in early February, we are nearly two months in and couldn't be more pleased with it's success.

The posts are driving traffic to the site and we are getting a really great response from many of our followers. The Google analytics on our site help us to track traffic sources and is a great tool to see how people are getting to and use our site.

The blog is written by Ruth and I and we take turns every other week writing the posts. We also have enhanced our blog by becoming an Amazon Affiliate in an attempt to help raise funds for the project.

Also, we have added the short film "An Ideal Man" to the site for anyone around the world to watch for free.

There are more changes and updates in store for 2015 so make sure you check in often.


06/02/2015 11:45pm

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