This is Ivan.

I'm Phoebe's co-worker at Next Page Comics. It seems that Phoebe "I know everything about all things fandom" Hilton, lacks a bit of common sense, and didn't realize that she shouldn't have left her laptop open at work during her lunch break.

Because she did, I'm playing a prank on her by taking control of her blog in honor of my favorite holiday, April Fools Day.  Our boss, Edward, made us agree to "no pranks at work," but since this all virtual, it technically isn't a "work prank."


I've read her blog from time to time. It's okay. If I did a blog it would be way better than this junk though. Just like if I made a movie, it'd be better than any Tarantino film, and if I did martial arts, I'd be way better than Bruce Lee. Those dudes are lucky I'm committed to my professional gaming career.

Now, let me take on the voice of "Geeky Pheebs" while I present you a list of something stupid.

Ahem.... Yesterday, I was hanging with my 'girls' at our weekly pillow fight and we started taking about puppies. This made me think of my favorite cosplaying dogs. So, here are my top five cosplaying dog pictures.

Back to Ivan. -- I know the crap Phoebe is into, so this list should be easy to compile. She's not into anything cool like WWE Divas or Vampirella. If I were doing a list, I'd be about my top ten babes of all time. Maybe I'll start a blog someday... Now, back to Phoebe.

AHEM! (In her annoying voice.)

5) K-9

I'm a big Doctor Who nerd, and I often dream about going on adventures with an old British weirdo, that's why I like this dog from a failed Doctor Who spin-off show. If you don't know what Doctor Who is, it's a boring show from the UK that puts most Americans to sleep.

4) Sailor Scouts

My boring tastes aren't only limited to England. I also like slow and repetitive media from Japan in the form of Sailor Moon. So, I like these dogs dressed as Sailor Moon and her friends. I can't remember the names of the other clones right now, and I'm too lazy to Google.

3) Harry Potter

What?! You're surprised I have more boring British stuff? You don't know me at all! I'm a huge Potterhead and sometimes fake cast spells when my handsome co-worker Ivan annoys me. Don't tell him I secretly have a huge crush on him.

2) Jack Sparrow

Yep, I even like my pirates British. So here's Captain Jack dog.  Maybe I should get out more. Ivan interjection -- [Everyone knows that vikings are way cooler than pirates.]

1) Freddy

I think I'm a horror super fan, but my tastes are way too mainstream. I think "Friday the 13th," "Nightmare on Elm Street," and "Alien" movies are hardcore. I should really take on Ivan's Sweedish horror cinema challenge. So, here's my cuddly number one.

Oh-- She's coming back in...