Recently, one of my favorite shows, Hannibal, got canceled. It ran for three seasons on NBC and was, IMO, the edgiest show on network TV. At first, I didn't panic. This being 2015, it seems like every canceled show gets picked up by either a digital outlet like Yahoo, Hulu, Amazon or an analog cable network like USA or SyFy. But when the show finally released the actors from their contracts, I knew it was over.

Mindy Project Crap
How is this crap is worth saving, Hulu?!?
I like closure. I need it in my entertainment! Even if it's just, "And then they all walked into the sunset." Is that asking too much? Now, Hannibal will just be added to the list of shows, books, and TV shows that I've invested time into without a satisfying ending (except the movies).
The visual representation of media without closure in my heart and mind.
The only silver lining to this is that Hannibal show creator, Bryan Fuller, is now involved in bringing Neil Gaiman's celebrated novel, American Gods, to the small screen in the form of a TV series. I personally love American Gods, and honestly most everything else Neil Gaiman writes. Although, the adaptations of his work can be hit and miss (see Mirrormask, actually, don't).
That's how I felt watching Mirrormask...
If you aren't familiar with American Gods, then stop reading now (well, after you're done with this post) and download it to your e-reader with haste! It's a great, sometimes trippy, road trip tale in which all of its characters are different gods from throughout world history that inhabit the bodies of normal humans whom are struggling to survive in modern day America. It's a touching, sad, and well-paced story that is up there with some of the best modern fiction written in the last 15 years.

If you don't know anything about Bryan Fuller, then let me school you a bit. Bryan Fuller got his start writing on Star Trek shows Voyager and DS9. While not the best stuff in Star Trek canon, it's a great place to start and gets one some major geek points.

He went on to create some of TV's most inventive, create and visually vibrant shows: Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me, and Pushing Daisies. All three of those shows, like Hannibal, got canceled in their primes. This guy can't seem to get past a third season... even though, I believe he is one of the most original voices in TV today. 
Now, if you've read American Gods and seen any of Bryan Fuller's shows, you'll realize like I have that this pairing is a match made in heaven. So expect to see some mind-bending montages, insane visual sequences and hear some thought provoking dialogue. While it's true, American Gods is only one book; I think this is a good thing. It leaves room for a writer like Bryan Fuller to expand on the original material and may provide him a limited number of seasons to create a full satisfying series, which his fans, like me have yearned for since we started our fandom for him.
Expect to see a review of the pilot when it hits the air on Starz next year.
So everyone's seen the trailer for the newest entry into the Star Wars saga, The Force Awakens by now, and either cried their eyes out, shook uncontrollably, got chills, or curled up in a ball as if they were being attacked by a wild rancor.
matthew mcconaughey reacts to star wars
Not even Matthew McConaughey was immune.
Most of those that experienced the aforementioned effects were Generation Xers anxious to return to their childhoods which were apparently 'so great' that they felt the need to complain about them in Grunge music for 10 years.
grunge music
Everything sucks!
Anyway, based on the YouTube view stats for trailers one & two, most people have viewed both trailers multiple amounts of times (me included), and based on internet trends, it seems like with the limited amount of info presented, everyone has started to concoct a theory about what chapter VII is going to give us.

I'll give a kind curtsy to J.J. Abrams & Company for their ability to keep a lot of the details about this film hidden. J.J. Abrams knows as well as anyone, that speculating about what's going to happen in a Star Wars movie is half the fun of its fandom. That speculation seemed to hit a fever pitch a couple weeks ago when the second trailer hit, and started spawning theories around questions like these: Who's behind the Vader-type mask? Where's C-3P0? Why is that stormtrooper is always out of breath? And my personal favorite: How has Chewbacca avoided any grey hairs? 
han and chewie the force awakens
Chewie... we're at the drug store. Get your hair dye and let's go.
But with all the theories flying both good and bad, I noticed that there weren't that many about the young Skywalker-looking girl, named Rey. She's the one being played by newcomer, Daisy Ridley.
rey from star wars
I wish I knew how to use the Force.
Now, this could be due to the fact that everyone has just assumed that she is the daughter of Leia and Han, but it seems that in everyone's euphoria, they forgot to do simple math. Could a girl that's only looks to be about 17-years old really be the daughter of a now elderly Leia and Han? Granddaughter maybe, but even that's a stretch.

So sit back as I present to you a wild Phoebe theory that I've cooked up about this girl named Rey from the two existing TFA trailers (with the backup support of some hard cold official Star Wars canon facts).  Fair warning, everyone, this theory has all my friends thinking I've gone nuts from too many trailer viewings. [I'm only up to about 67 viewings... and counting]
PictureWhat the crap?
Before I get to my theory, let's start out with what we know about the Star Wars movies, shall we? Well, for one, we know that the Star Wars saga is about the Skywalkers, period.  So, could this new trilogy not feature a new generation of Skywalker(s)? I guess, but it'd be breaking away from a huge story element, and geeks around the world would probably be in a bigger uproar than they were about Jared Leto's Joker. To have this new set of movies not be about a new generation of Skywalker(s) would be like the producers of Doctor Who making the Doctor's new persona a robot, just because they felt like it.

If you'll concede to me the fact that the Star Wars Saga is about the Skywalkers, then maybe you'll agree with me when I take things a step further, and say that the Star Wars saga at it's core, is really about Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader. So now when I ask, could they make a new trilogy without Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader involved somehow? You may be forced to say, "Well, I guess, no."
little ani and vader
This sand sure is interesting.
Anakin and Vader
It's all about ME!
This line of thinking was what I used to form my theory about this mysterious Rey girl, and my theory is this:
What if, the new trilogy is about a set of twins cloned from the DNA of Anakin Skywalker and this Rey girl is one of them?
Dun, dun, dun...
Search your feelings fans, you know it to be... maybe true?

If you buy in to my theory, then all the clues are in the trailer, although it could just be conformational bias. Either way, let's break down select parts of the most recent trailer, and maybe I'll convince you to turn you to my dark side.  

Clue #1: This girl is apparently a scavenger on a desert planet. Sound familiar? This was the starting point for both Anakin and Luke. Also, it seems like she's quite good at driving fast machinery also a Skywalker trait.
Rey and Finn
I want off this desert planet!
luke on tattoine
Join the club, sister.
Clue #2: The lightsaber being handed to what many suspect is Leia due to the voiceover. Many fans were excited to see the weapon they remember being lost in ESB, but seem to have forgotten that it's not actually Luke's lightsaber, it's Anakin's. I blame this massive oversight by Starwoids on what I call 'Prequel Amnesia.' Could it be possible that in a round about way, the lightsaber is going back to its original owner?
skywalker lightsaber
Hand and batteries not included.
Clue #3: Darth Vader's burned helmet on a platform. It seems someone went to a lot of trouble to obtain such a relic. For what purpose? Cloning. Could it be that a cult of Vader recovered such an artifact to recreate the most midichlorian rich being ever in the universe?
vader helmet
Did the Emperor only make one helmet? That thing must have stunk.
Clue #4: Luke's voiceover. I think everything is intentional when it comes to film, and the strange duplicate echo seems to imply some kind of copying (or cloning if you will.) You also have to consider the subtext of what he says, "My father has is it, my sister has it, I have it... and you have that power too." Hmmm... Now if she were in fact a clone of Luke's father, how would she fit into the family tree? Niece? Mom? Grandma? Cousin? It seems like Luke just disregarded titles, and just went with, you.
Luke and R2D2
Bad robot?
Clue #5: The girl herself. Anyone else get the feeling she looked like someone we've seen before? I think J.J. Abrams & Company went to a lot of trouble to find someone that had a 'look' before a name for a very specific reason.
rey anakin clone
Now let me reach into some deep Star Wars lore and present further evidence for my theory using Star Wars facts.

Fact #1: George Lucas originally planned for Luke Skywalker to be a girl in the first Star Wars. If this girl were an Anakin clone of sorts, he'd be getting his wish in a round about kind of way as this series would feature a strong female Skywalker lead.
girl luke skywalker
Lady Luke Skywalker concept art.
Fact #2: Like it or not, clones are a part of the Star Wars saga and have been since they were first mentioned by Princess Leia in "A New Hope." Now, if suddenly in the world of Game of Thrones, a King Joffery clone appeared, many fans of GOT would scoff at it as ridiculous and unbelievable, but in the world of Star Wars, clones are pretty commonplace, so to me, an Anakin clone isn't out of the question. After all, Boba Fett is a clone, no?
king joffery
Maybe I should clone myself, just in case. Nah, I'll do it after my wedding.
Fact #3: George Lucas has always stated that the Star Wars movies are like poetry and that they sort of 'rhyme.' So taking that into account, I think it's within reason to think that this new trilogy will also feature twins or siblings one good, one bad thus the ever-present balance of the force theme that runs though all the films.  So far, we have similar Skywalker themes with this Rey character.
luke and leia
Hopefully Episodes VII -IX features less sibling kissing.
In closing, I really think that with this new trilogy, Disney is really going to unite fans of the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy. So don't expect any of the new films to completely ignore Episodes I-III. As much as you may hate them, believe it of not, there are a lot of people under 35 that like the prequels (Jar Jar included), as they grew up with them, as well. Star Wars belongs to new fans just as much as it does to the old ones and with a clone angle, I think it's their best way to unite the trilogies.

I have more theories and speculations, but I'll stop here for now. I think in all the excitement that surrounded the newest trailer, people missed a lot, and if J.J. Abrams' Lost taught us anything, it's that the man sure loves his clues.

What do you think? Am I on to something or have I gone completely insane? 
He's canon, folks. Deal with it.
This past weekend there was this "super game" on TV and it had something to do with guys in tight pants.  Just kidding, I do know a little something about football, as my wee sister Stella has dated exclusively jocks ever since junior high. 

If I can catch the Super Bowl on TV, I watch it, but I really only care about the commercials and halftime show (BTW anyone else thinking cartoon shark cosplay?).
Margaret can probably whip that up.
This year, I was able watch it, as a member of my artist collective was hosting a party at his house on a big screen TV.  As always, I was most excited to see commercials for the slate of upcoming summer movies. My excitement was quickly dashed when I saw the spot for the newest entry in the timeline twisted Terminator tale, Terminator: Genisys (which by the way, you can't do on Nintendo).
I'll spare you a long diatribe of what's wrong with this J.J. Abram alternate timeline non-sense and get down to the nitty-gritty.  The biggest thing sticking in my craw is this business of Khaleesi from my much beloved "Game of Thrones" being cast as Sarah Connor.  She's so-so as the "Mother of Dragons," but she is no mother of mankind's only hope (John Connor).  Honestly, there is no way her skinny doe-eyed self is ever going to pull off filling the shoes of tough-as-nails Sarah Connor as originally portrayed by Linda Hamilton. Seriously Emilia Clark, did you work out even once before filming began? Check out Ms. Hamilton and to a lesser extent the other Sarah Connor, Lena Headey.
The original with a sets of guns. Get it?
The lite version.
Sure, in the first Terminator, Sarah Connor wasn't all buff and stuff, but there was toughness in her performance and as the story unfolded at the end, you could see that this woman was strong enough to take on any threat. In this newest version [Genisys], I don't see any strength in Emilia Clark's performance at all. Heck in "GOT" even when Clark yells, most everyone just over pretends to be scared. She really doesn't even command much authority with her dragons either.
I'm yelling REALLY loudly! Please be intimidated.
To be fair, I guess Clark really didn't have to bring much toughness to the role of Connor, as it appears in the promos that she has access to every firearm know to man.


I guess this is just going to be another example, in an ever mounting pile, of the "powers that be" retroactively weakening powerful female protagonists.  Maybe I'll be proven wrong.  We'll find out for sure this July.
Ripley, you're next to be wimpified.
I'll give Emilia Clark this much, her face does bare an uncanny resemblance to a young Linda Hamilton.

If you've never seen "The Terminator," do it now if you want to live.
You can find out more about the film on Amazon. Use either link to click through and buy.