Yea! The X-Men are coming to TV! Maybe? But, they're not really X-Men? Whatever, I'll take it. 
At least it's not Cyber Force.
This week, news broke that the FX network struck a deal with Marvel to bring some of their merry mutants to TV in the form of two new shows, both dramas. One is called Legion, who in comic lore, is mentally fragile son of Charles Xavier that gave us the Age of Apocalypse in the 90s. 
Legion. He seems stable.
Fact: The foil cover makes this comic book .01% more valuable.
The other is Hellfire, which was briefly seen in the X movie, X-Men: First Class. The Hellfire Club in the comics is like a weird Masonic group of mutants that are the constant thorn in the side of the X-Men. Their members are numerous, dangerous, and really like to cosplay in Victorian Era clothes.
Hellfire Club X Men Mutants
Committed to cosplay since the 1970s.
Their members include the famous, White Queen (Emma Frost) and Sebastian Shaw. If you know your X-Men lore, you'll know that the Hellfire Club is a bit responsible for turning Jean Grey into the Dark Phoenix.
Is she mad? I think she's mad.
If you can't tell by now, my fandom for the X-Men goes deep. It all started for me with the animated show on Fox's Saturday morning block of cartoons. Queue the intro music.
That led to the comics, which was really my first exposure to seeing kick ass women as strong heroes and leaders in popular media.
Anyway, I'm really excited to see the X-Men back to TV, even though the last time that happened, it led to this:
What is that, you ask? It was a TV movie/backdoor pilot based on the popular 90s X-Series, Generation X. It was a disaster, and don't just take my word for it; watch it.

But that was the old days; we're now in the golden age of TV! Network, writers and directors can do great things these days and if there is one franchise that is prime the serialized storytelling format of TV, it's the world of the X-Men.

There are so many X-Men stories I am excited to hopefully see on the small screen. With the amount of interesting mutant characters in the X-Universe, it's practically its own MCU.

Here are some series I'd like to see Fox bring to TV:

Cable & Deadpool

Imagine a half hour action comedy series on premium cable with Cable as the straight man and Deadpool as the straight crazy man.
They're really the best of friends...


An hour-long drama about a bunch or mutant media darlings could produce some hard-hitting commentary about big media in this country.


Nate Grey, a man out of his time, travels the world helping others who are just as lost in an hour-long drama.


Set this in the 70s, and this could be a great half hour comedy about a mutant's disco music career and on again, off again, relationship with her alien boyfriend, Longshot.


A group of space pirates travel to distant worlds collecting treasures in the vein of Star Trek.
That's what I got, how about you? What do you want to see?
Also, let's all pretend that Mutant X never happened.
Sooooo 90s.