A young George Lucas on the set of 'A New Hope' eyeing up how to simultaneously create and ruin your childhood.
Congratulations, Fanboys and Fangirls, you all got what you've all wanted since 1983. George Lucas is completely removed from the Star Wars saga.  I know what you'll all say, "But he's a creative consultant on The Force Awakens.  I know; I've seen the IMDB listing as well. But fear not, as this recent Page Six article proves, he has nothing to do with the newest episode entry, stating:

         “I plan to see it when it’s released."

In fact, he didn't even watch the trailer, which is almost impossible to do, if you spend any time online, as it seems every fraking website has a 'clickbait' article about the trailer.  On the subject of the trailer he admits:

        “I don’t know anything about it. I haven’t seen it yet.”

So there you go, he's completely hands-off.  You'll have a 100% Lucas-free experience when you watch Episode VII.

I for one, think this is sad.  Say what you will about the prequel trilogy (and a lot has been said), but at the end of it, Lucas made what he wanted to make with his own money.  As a creator myself, I respect that.  While I didn't enjoy all of the prequels, the parts I did like, I know were the thrills that only Lucas could provide.   

Also, I think a lot of people seem to forget that back in the '70s, he single-handedly invented. "Star Wars" from nothing.  As today, he is treated like an old man that destroyed whiney  "Generation Xers'" childhoods (go listen to Nirvana and cry about it!).  They also forget that he was very hands-on in the beloved "Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi."  Without him there, there's no way those films would be so beloved, IMO (admit it, you all loved Ewoks as kids).  

Maybe that's why he sold Star Wars to Disney.  Perhaps he just had enough of the bashing and naysayers.  I could see him finally throwing his hands up and saying, "Fine, you have it." and now you do.

In a world of 'Hate Watching' maybe giving it up was the smartest thing he's ever done. But for me, when I walk into that theater next Christmastime, there will be a little less magic when the words "STAR WARS" fly into the screen, because I'll know that Mr. Lucas is there in name only.

Agree? Disagree?



06/05/2015 3:01am

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07/01/2016 2:16am

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