This past weekend, my friend Lisa was super excited to tell me about a sci-fi book she just read.  It was about a group of astronauts sent on a spaceship to destroy an asteroid on course to destroy earth.  In typical fandom-snob fashion, I scoffed as I usually do at little Lisa's 'discoveries.'

Because she's new to fandom, she never tells me about anything I haven't heard of before.  So as I began to tell her that the book was probably a rip off of the 1998 Michael Bay film "Armageddon," she smiled with glee, as she knew she finally one up'd me.
In 1998, they left the woman on earth.
She told me the book was called "The Moon-Maker" and was written in 1916. Curious, I promptly downloaded it to my Kindle and began a voracious reading session.
PictureProfessor Gibbs
As I read, I was surprised to find an engaging sci-fi tale with a strong female lead named Professor Rhoda Gibbs. After much research, I realized that Professor Gibbs was probably the first sci-fi heroine.  So for that, I offer kudos to the co-authors Arthur Train and Robert Williams Wood. They were way ahead of their time.

For as good as this book was and so obviously trailblazing for it's time, I'm surprised that the book is not better known.  I think it's time to fix this. I highly recommend "The Moon-Maker" to everyone and if you like it, please tell others.  It offers a smart and strong female lead that pulls her own weight and contributes heavily to the mission. I think Professor Gibbs is a strong role model for any young woman that has any interest in science or math and is a more realistic role model than say, gun-toting Ripley from the "Alien" franchise.

One of my favorite bits in the book is when Professor Gibbs is introduced to the 'hero' of the book, Professor Benjamin Hooker. While they are sitting on a bench, Professor Gibbs, in a sneaky manner, solves a complicated math problem for Professor Hooker with ease and grace.

Now, "The Moon-Maker" is a sequel to another book called " The Man Who Rocked the Earth" that stars Professor Hooker, but it can be enjoyed without reading the first part.  If you'd like to "The Man Who Rocked the Earth," Amazon offers the annotated edition of "The Moon Maker" on Kindle, which includes both books. You can find a link below.   

You can find out more about the book on Amazon. Use either link.


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