If you're a geek or subscribe to fandom culture anywhere on earth, you're no doubt aware that last week, we lost a legend.  On February 27th, 2015, Leonard Nimoy passed at the age of 83. On that day, even the Star Wars/Star Trek rivalry was shelved to honor a man that used his talent and fame to enrich and inspired the human race. 
I'm a fan of Star Trek. That's all I'll say about it because I don't want to spend a lot of time this week on ol' Phoebe. Instead, I want to use this space to honor the man we all knew as Mr. Spock.

As I reflected on Nimoy's death this past week, and read about his life in the countless articles/obituaries, I felt a bit sad that so many would only remember Nimoy for his work in the entertainment field and will never know of the work he did off the movie sets to leave this world a better place.

This week, I'd like to highlight three things about Leonard Nimoy that reveal a man that was dedicated to making a difference on this planet.
1.) During his time on the original Star Trek series, he championed for equal pay for actress Nichelle Nicholls who played Uhura. This meant standing up to the show's producers, which was a bold move in the racially tumultuous times of the 1960's.  Learn more HERE.
Nichelle Nichols
2.) In 2007, he created the "Full Body Project." The project was a book that consisted of photos taken by Nimoy that featured full-figured women from a San Francisco burlesque group. He said he created the project in order to 'challenge entrenched concepts of beauty' and that it was 'direct response to the pressure women face to conform to a size two.' Learn more HERE. [Warning: some material may be NSFW]
Nimoy behind the camera.
3.) In 2001, he donated $1 million smackaroos to the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, CA. They even named a section of the place after him. If you've never heard of the Griffith Observatory, it's one of the only free, city accessible, observatories in the world and has been a location in countless movies and TV shows including the Star Trek franchise. During a visit to Los Angeles some time ago, I got to visit it, and recommend it to anyone with an interest in the stars. Learn more HERE.
Griffith Observatory. Photo by Matthew Field, http://www.photography.mattfield.com
I've provided links so you can learn more about the legacy of Nimoy and hopefully you too will see the man as more and just Spock.

Goodbye, Mr. Nimoy. Live long and prosper...


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