Spring has sprung! That of course means warmer weather, flowers everywhere, lots of rain, and Game of Thrones every Sunday!
Game of thrones wall
A bit ironic, all things considered...
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But even more specifically for me, springtime is when I go through my massive collection of comic books and action figures. Not for spring-cleaning though (You'll have to pry my collectables from my cold, dead hands). It's so that I can figure out what issues and pieces I'm missing in the hopes that I'll find it at MSP Comicon.

This convention (formerly known as SpringCON) is one of two (the other being Fall Comicon) put on every year by the Midwest Comic Book Association or MCBA. They are a completely volunteer and fan based group that is devoted to promoting anything and everything comic book related. That doesn't just mean supporting the fans, but also the creators who make their beloved content whether they be professional, independent, or aspiring.

Artists from all of the categories I've mentioned come to show/sell their work and, frankly, it's refreshing to see the new and creative content being made. It warms my heart to see that the medium is nowhere near dying off and that so many other people understand and share a love I've had since childhood.

Now, with all this comic love being thrown around it only makes sense to have actual comics for us to peruse and purchase as well. If you're missing an issue of Wolverine: Weapon X or need an action figure Vision to go with your Scarlet Witch than this is the place to find them!
Wall of comics
Trust me, they have a pretty good selection...
Beyond comics and action figures, you'll find vendors everywhere ready with merch you never realized you needed. Medieval Cat Tarot Cards? Got 'em. Global Warming Coffee Mug? Got 'em. Puppets? Of course, when do you NOT need puppets?!

Be sure to take your camera with you as well, because you can't swing a dead gnome without hitting a cosplayer. You won't just see your run-of-the-mill superheroes either. You'll see video game protagonists, film or TV legends, as well as new and different spins on common characters.

Some conventional...

Others not-so-conventional.

There's even a contest to award all the hard work and creative talent that went into making them!

If you've had your fill of the vendors and are running out of storage space on your camera phone than you can admire the astounding Lego displays...
...before heading over to our old friend the Prop-A-Torium, here to show us even more hand-made, screen used, and replica props from every type of media known to man.

But you wanna know the best part? After you've had such a great time, your conscience can rest easy knowing you've helped make a positive difference. If you bring a non-perishable food item they'll donate it to a food shelf AND you get a dollar off admission! They've donated nearly a quarter of a million free comic books to charities, raised over 100,000 dollars for the Minnesota Lupus Foundation and much more.

By visiting MSP Comicon you're not just fueling your own love of comics, you're supporting a vast community of artists and fans that's growing everyday. Oh! And my collection is now even closer to completion! Thanks MSP Comicon!

Did you go to MSP Comicon this year? If so, what did you like about it? Leave comments below.

For more info on MSP Comicon, visit their website HERE.



05/20/2015 9:26pm

Im curious why the Arkham Carnival attraction didnt make it to your MSP Comicon article?

05/22/2015 4:03pm

Unfortunately, due to it being super crowded the first few times I visited and catching up with friends it was forgotten.

I heard that I missed out though and am still kicking myself for not stopping by! :-(


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