Deadpool is also about to loose his mind.
Yesterday saw the release of the much-anticipated Deadpool trailer both in regular and extra violent editions and everyone lost their minds.  In case you've been under a rock...
Over the last decade this D-List character from the 90s has gained massive popularity. Heck, at this point, he is to fangirls what Harley Quinn is to fanboys. Personally, I'm not really a Deadpool fangirl and may be the only one but I am familiar with the character as he has popped up in almost every Marvel comic book series at this point cracking jokes, killing, or talking to the audience. I see him as Howard the Duck 2.0 and think the character is better in small doses.
howard the duck deadpool
Howard the Deadpool.
Anyways, almost all the customers at the comic book shop today were all excited about the trailer and kept telling me how great is was gonna be and how Marvel is finally "doing it right this time" by giving us fans an "R" rated superhero movie.

That's when I had to stop them and remind them that there has been other Marvel movies with "R" rated Marvel movies. One, the Blade Trilogy and The Punisher & Punisher: War Zone. How quickly people forget...
I think the reason people have forgotten is that Marvel/Whoever Has The Rights, haven't done an "R" movie since 2008 and to today's 'now generation,' 7 years is like 700. While the Blade and Punisher movies were quite successful, the more popular characters that played in the PG-13 space constantly overshadowed them so studios invested in those characters.   

But now, with the oversaturation of spandex clad superheroes, movie companies, including Marvel, are now having to look at new ways to make their movies appealing to ever harder-to-please audiences.  With the release of this new hard edge Deadpool movie I think we may be on the horizon of more "R" rated superhero movies and it makes sense.

Here's why. The kids that grew up in during the rise of the super hero movies (including myself) in the early 2000s are now adults and are still hungry for super hero stories, but that are more 'mature.' While they have gotten "R" rated comic book movies like Kingsmen and Kickass, they really want to see characters they love from the pages of the books on screen like the Joker, Magneto, Lobo, or Hulk.

You don't even want to know how many times a month I hear from my comic shop customers how "flipping awesome" an "R" rated Wolverine would be and I agree although, I think that one in particular is still a longshot.
See what I did there.
So while I may not be 100% excited for the Deadpool movie, I am excited to see Marvel/Fox take a chance with such a popular character and give their audiences what they have been clamoring for, a more violent, swear word filled version of the 'merc with a mouth' and hopefully, this will lead to more movies "R" rated movies featuring popular characters from other companies, because as they say "variety is the spice of life."

What comic book characters do you think deserve an "R" rated movie? Leave a comment below.



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