This week, I'm starting a new feature called "Casting by Phoebe" where I take an existing IP (intellectual property) that hasn't been adapted into a film or TV show and present to you, the actors that I'd like to see in the roles of the IP's major characters. It can be a video game, comic book, novel, toy line or anything else!

For this first one, I'd like to present my casting choices for a video game that nearly everyone loves, Final Fantasy VII. While the Final Fantasy brand has seen many semi-adaptations in the past including films like Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, we've never seen a Final Fantasy VII live action movie and if they ever did one, the first one they should do is Final Fantasy VII as it has the most hard core fandom of all of the games. Heck, the fans somehow have manged to convince Squaresoft to remake Final Fantasy VII with updated graphics, so when it comes to a live action adaptation, never say never...

Although Final Fantasy VII has enough story to be probably be a TV series, I could see a movie studio like Sony, presenting a Final Fantasy VII movie in a cool three-part story ala The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings. So without further ado, here are my selections.

Cloud Strife

Taron Egerton

BIGGEST ROLE TO DATE: Gary 'Eggsy' Unwin, Kingsmen: The Secret Service
AGE: 26
WHY THEY'D BE GREAT: He is an actor that has a great intensity and can be humorous.

Tifa Lockheart

Tatiana Maslany

BIGGEST ROLE TO DATE: Sarah Manning, Orphan Black
AGE: 30
WHY THEY'D BE GREAT: She has a great range for this rugged woman and can kick butt as seen in Orphan Black.

Arieth Gainsborough

Elizabeth Olsen

BIGGEST ROLE TO DATE: Scarlet Witch, Avengers: Age of Ultron
AGE: 26
WHY THEY'D BE GREAT: Has the right look and can gain the sympathy of the audience when she dies.

Barret Wallace

Terry Crews

BIGGEST ROLE TO DATE: Terry Jeffords, Brooklyn Nine Nine
AGE: 47
WHY THEY'D BE GREAT: He has the energy and sensitivity to pull off the role of a man with difficult decisions to make.

Cid Highwind

Garrett Hedlund

AGE: 31
WHY THEY'D BE GREAT: He can pull off the swagger and voice for this oddball character.  

Cat Sith

Andy Serkis

BIGGEST ROLE TO DATE: Gollum, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
AGE: 51
WHY THEY'D BE GREAT: He can deliver a dynamic and fun mo-cap performance of both Cat Sith and the Moggle that would be unforgettable.  

Yuffie Kisaragi

Luna Blaise

BIGGEST ROLE TO DATE: Nicole, Fresh off the Boat
AGE:  14
WHY THEY'D BE GREAT: She has the maturity and comedic timing to do this young sprites character justice.

Vincent Valentine

Will Poulter

BIGGEST ROLE TO DATE: Gally, Maze Runner
AGE: 22
WHY THEY'D BE GREAT: He can dig deep to play this dark immortal.

Red XIII (Voice)

Peter Dinklage

BIGGEST ROLE TO DATE: Tywin Lanister, Game of Thrones
AGE: 46
WHY THEY'D BE GREAT:  He plays a lion already on GOT and had a rich voice that speaks with authority.


Tom Hiddleston

BIGGEST ROLE TO DATE: Loki, Marvel's Avengers
AGE: 34
WHY THEY'D BE GREAT: Because, I mean, this would cause every fangirl's head in the wolrd to explode, right?
So there they are. Agree? Disagree? Let the arguments begin!


02/25/2016 10:59am

It is the heartily desire of many of the people that they can play their favorite character in video games and so many of the video games are also made on some movies based characters.

03/15/2016 2:29am

It is quite common that the different stars are performing the roles of the game characters. The pictures you provided here about the different stars and their games roles are too nice and by seeing them, I can easily say that they truly describe their personality.

03/25/2016 6:18am

Thanks for your publication; wild style. Many thanks sharing your article.


You might be amazing! Your mission is excellent .

08/26/2016 4:02pm

Seeing new movies and TV programs will help us in inspiring others with such ideas and thoughts because all the movies want to inspire their communities. I hope that the people will like it because I am enjoying it.


Seeing all these actors in the game is a quite fascinating thing for a person that is of these celebrities. This is quite creative activity to make a whole new game based in these characters.

12/29/2016 9:30pm

I love Final Fantasy VII! It's my childhood and the game that I grew up playing. I still remember the time when my brother and I would argue with each other about the equipments we should equip to our characters. It would be great to see this game on the silver screen. The game has an excellent story worthy to be adapted to a film.


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