A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away....there were SPOILERS!!!!

Get ready people, the flood gates have opened!

There's so much I'd like to discuss about The Force Awakens, so let me start out by listing spoilery things I really liked about the film.

1.)  *{[]]]]],]]}={ ====================

Kylo Ren is a nice change of pace for a Star Wars baddie. When it comes to villains in the Star Wars universe, diversity is pretty scarce. Are they wearing all black, covering most if not all of their face, or have a creepy voice? Then they're a villain. There's nothing wrong with broad stroke character traits but after years of the same type of antagonist things got stale. Now Kylo Ren does have the same traits when we're introduced to him, what with wearing all black and having a mask with a voice modulator, so he hits all of the 'checks' for a Star Wars villain but something new was thrown into the recipe, personality. Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine have an intimidating presence to be sure but that's really all there was to them; they were scary and wanted to do evil things, that's it. With Kylo Ren we can see insecurity underneath the mask. Even before he reveals himself to Rey you can see that he's unpredictable and kind of a brat with how he reacts to the failure of his men and himself. He has power to be sure but he doesn't know how to control it or his feelings and boy does this kid have a lot of feelings. I felt his character added an interesting element to a tired trope and I'm anxious to see what they do with him as the sequels roll out.

2.)  [[0][0][0][:]<======================

Han and Leia's relationship wasn't a 'happily-ever-after'. The smuggler and space princess had chemistry and obvious feelings for each other in the original trilogy, but if you really take their personalities and careers into account it would make sense that things would be rocky between them. It would've been really easy for the filmmakers to show Han having settled down having become a bureaucrat working with his wife, missing the old days but being content with what he has now. That's not Han Solo. It makes total sense that they'd have fights so bad that he'd try and go back to smuggling with Chewie to have a go at reliving his glory days. You can see that they care about each other but for one reason or another it just doesn't work. Having your son turn to the dark side must put a damper on the relationship as well.

3.)  (T?[|]!!!!!!';['}|(######################

I'm glad they didn't go overboard with the references. There ARE references to the original trilogy but it didn't get to be annoying. Like when the plot to blow up the new Death Star, 'Starkiller', is realized Han only says 'How do we blow it up?' to remind the audience of what happened many years before. The reference isn't hitting us over the head, just giving us a knowing smirk.


When Rey first touches Luke's lightsaber we can hear the voices of many characters from the past speak to her. Sir Alec Guiness says her name (They took it from a sound bite of him saying the word 'Afraid') and we hear things from Yoda, a younger Obi-Wan (Ewan McGregor is confirmed at having recorded dialogue for them), and a younger Luke. Whether you decide to acknowledge the existence of the prequels or not, you have to admit that including elements from them helps with the mythology surrounding a legendary object like this lightsaber

5.)  (l%%%l{O}l=[]>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The lighting is actually very clever if you take the time to notice. Watch Han Solo's death scene again and pay attention to what happens on Kylo Ren's face. It's pretty cool, trust me.

Now for the big stuff, theories! Remember, the only sure thing to take from this is that everything that I say or speculate about my very well be wrong. The whole idea behind having theories is to discuss and debate (in a friendly manner!) with other fans about what could happen next in the series and build up hype. So if you disagree with me or have something to point out, please do so (Politely!) in the comments.
Now for the big stuff, theories! Remember, the only sure thing to take from this is that everything that I say or speculate about my very well be wrong. The whole idea behind having theories is to discuss and debate (in a friendly manner!) with other fans about what could happen next in the series and build up hype. So if you disagree with me or have something to point out, please do so (Politely!) in the comments.

You want to know what's funny about all of us developing these theories? The creators don't even have a clear idea of the characters past or future. Kasdan and Abrams only wrote for the first movie, nothing else. They're handing it over to Rian Johnson who will write the next two films and direct only the second. Rian Johnson has only just decided which of our speculations will end up being correct!

One of the most common theories that keeps popping up is that Rey is the long lost child of Han or Luke. I've seen it everywhere and completely disagree. First of all, it's too obvious. Family relations have been something of a theme in the SW 'verse but discovering that everyone is the long lost relation of someone else would become boring and ridiculous very fast. From the work I've seen from Johnson, I think he's going to take a very unique route with the sequel and it probably won't be Rey being a Skywalker. But if you need more convincing I'll take you through my thought process.
Who am I?
What do we know about Rey? We know that she is likely not originally from the desert planet Jakku, or as I like to call it 'New Tatooine'. She was dropped off their as a young child by someone we don't know and from her reaction in the flashback, this was a person that she either cared about or felt safe with. She grew up as a scavenger for ship parts, earning very little and surviving as best as one could in her position. Her traits and eagerness to help Finn and find 'The Resistance' suggests that she has some wanderlust or at least wants to be gone from the waste of a planet. But she also thinks that whomever left her as a child will be coming back for her on Jakku, though this belief is gone by the time the third act of the film starts.

So if Han and Leia left her on that planet, what were their reasons? Seeing as Leia is living quite safely with the Resistance it would make little sense to send Rey away for safety. If it was because Kylo needed her for something then wouldn't he be more intent on finding her than getting into her mind to see the map. And if they are siblings wouldn't they be able to recognize each other? Rey is left on Jakku at an age where she'd be able to remember someone as important as her own brother, not only that but Kylo Ren would have been much older in the film if they took her away from him because he turned to the dark side. Let me explain.
That thing needs a tune up.
Now, I'm not sure how old Rey and Kylo are supposed to be but the age difference doesn't seem to be very big and in real life the actors are about 9 years apart in age. Either way, if Rey had been sent away after Kylo Ren turned to the Dark Side, Kylo would have had to have been old enough to have been trained as an apprentice by Luke and then be seduced. For all of that to happen, I'd think that Kylo would have at least been in his mid teens to an adult when he started following Snoke. If they are close to the same age, then she would have been hidden away at an age much older than we see in the flashback. If there is an age difference similar to the one they have in real life then she still would have been old enough to remember her big brother and recognize him when he took off the mask. 

Plus, with everything that happens between them in the movie and with all of the use of 'The Force' wouldn't one of them at least sense a connection? Kylo Ren recognizes when Han is nearby and Darth Vader recognizes Luke as his son when he had never met him before, even Luke admits that somehow he had 'always known' that Leia was his sister. I find it hard to believe that neither of them would not be able to see the other as a blood relative with a super strong connection to The Force.

As for her being Luke's daughter I'm still not convinced. Once again, she'd be old enough to recognize those she'd come across in life and an aunt, uncle and cousin would definitely be amongst those people. If he sent her away after Kylo Ren turned, once again, there would have been some kind of recognition from one of them. And why would Han or Leia not say anything to her? She's just as eager to be reunited with the person who left her on Jakku so them looking for Luke would help out everyone. And, I must reiterate, two people with major Force powers would have been able to see the family connection between them when they meet on that dramatic cliffside. Rey would have made some kind of exclamation or tried to embrace him if he was really her father, think of her loss of Han who was a father figure and her need of having that family back.

But more than anything, I don't think anyone we know is related to Rey because of what Maz tells her in the cellar of her cantina-I mean-castle. After Rey is drawn to Luke's lightsaber and sees the flashback Maz finds her, having an idea of what Rey had just seen and heard, and she tells her that the person who left her on Jakku was never coming back. Do you think Luke, Han, or Leia would be capable of simply leaving her without even checking up or going back when the danger they're facing has been destroyed? It isn't a kindness to leave her in a place that will only use her to further selfish gains when they all definitely have access to better hiding places. And with Luke's background on being stuck on Tatooine, it's doubtful he'd be fine with leaving his kin in the same predicament.

And don't any of you start throwing around even crazier theories about memory losses or mind wipes or any of that. Everybody's memory would have had to have been wiped for any of the 'daughter theories' to make sense. Han's, Leia's, Kylo Ren's, as well as everyone they were close to would have had to have magically forgotten! Plus when you played a huge part in bringing down The Empire, you'd be famous across the galaxy and so would any kid you have! It would only be a matter of time before a Resistance Officer would make a passing remark on Rey being related to them.

So who IS Rey? I can't say for sure but I have some theories of my own. In a past post I talked all about the possibility of Rey being a clone from Darth Vader or Luke and still think that may have some bearing. You can read more about it HERE. Another theory I have is that Rey may have a connection to someone from the Dark Side of the force, it would make more sense for them to leave her on Jakku for good and would explain her connection to the Force. Maybe she plays a part in Supreme Leader Snoke's past?

Something else I noticed that may or may not be a clue to her possible background was a small doll you can see for all of a second in her AT-AT house. It has the likeness of a Rebellion fighter pilot and looks homemade and old. Could this be something she kept after being left on Jakku? Did she make it afterwards from piecing together limited knowledge of the pilots who flew the ships she scavenges? Who the heck knows! Rian Johnson probably does, actually...

Woah! This became much longer than I thought. Know what that means?

Look for a Part 3 for Star Wars theories! Coming Soon!


01/20/2016 10:11pm

I finally just saw it. My pet theory is that Kylo Ren is a younger, cloned version of Severus Snape, brought into the Star Wars universe by a cereal box Star Wars toy that was really a portkey.

As for Rey's parents, I think we can nix Han and Leia; they're too old. The kid's early 20s, max, and by the looks of her would-be parents, they'd have been close to 50 at least when she was born. I'm more intrigued by something from one of the first Episode VII trailers: Luke saying, "The Force is strong in my family: my father had it, I have it, my sister has it....you have it." He was clearly talking to SOMEONE, and the strong implication is that that person is family somehow. Luke's not going to win any Father of the Year awards if he abandoned the tyke, but Mas knows something, and why was the light saber in her possession? Or maybe the light saber WANTS to be found! Wouldn't that be precious?

03/07/2016 10:36am

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